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How to transform your bedroom into a tranquil, minimalist space

Give your space a clean and fresh look.

Cramped, cluttered and oppressive too aptly describe many of our bedrooms, a space in our homes that should offer relaxation and respite. To help transform your bedroom into a tranquil minimalist haven, Studio Delta has come up with five basic steps that anybody can implement.

Give your space a fresh and airy feel by opting for ‘lighter’ furniture that won’t dwarf your room.

#1 Declutter

Few things make a bedroom feel more suffocating than clutter. To effectively declutter, you need to be honest with yourself about which belongings are actually of use to you, and which just take up space. If you, like most people, suffer from traumatic-getting-rid-of-things disorder, visualise the peaceful retreat you want to create and take comfort in the knowledge that each item you discard, will bring you closer to your vision.

#2 Organise

Once you’ve decluttered, you need to start organising. The key to effective and lasting organisation is to make it functional. Keep similar items together and ensure that the articles you use on a daily basis are easily accessible. Investing in organisational aids such as drawer organisers, hanging purse and shoe organisers, and glass bowls for your jewellery are all excellent solutions.

#3 Stick to neutrals

Neutral tones go a long way in helping you achieve a serene bedroom environment. White, pastels and shades of grey and beige will help give your space a clean and fresh look. If you’re afraid that muted tones will mean monotonous – don’t be! Add interesting visual elements by embracing pops of colour and different textures in the form of: plush pillows, statement art and lush greenery.

#4 Decorate conservatively

To ensure that you don’t overdo things on the decorative front, we advise keeping to the design philosophy that less is in fact more. Textured bed lamps, patterned carpets, luxury pillows and unique frames and trinkets have the potential to elevate a room. However, avoid relapsing into a cluttered environment by limiting yourself to two to three striking pieces. You want to stay away from the effect of every surface brimming with decorative knick-knacks.

#5 Consider your furniture

When choosing furniture it is important to keep the size of your bedroom in mind. Give your space a fresh and airy feel by opting for ‘lighter’ furniture that won’t dwarf your room, such as Studio Delta’s modern Classic Open Shelf.  If you already own furniture on the ‘heavier’ side, don’t worry. You can still attain this look by making such an item the focal point and opting for lighter variations on the rest of your furniture. Another key to achieving a clean and minimalist look is furniture with built in storage. Consider Studio Delta’s Bed Bench and Wardrobe Mirror for functional yet chic storage solutions.