The How-Tos of Choosing and Styling a Console

The How-To’s of Choosing and
Styling a Console

Three things to consider when decorating a console.

A console is a narrow table designed to be placed in an entryway or hallway. One of the most versatile pieces you’ll ever invest in, consoles are available in a range of materials and sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for every space or style imaginable. Before choosing your console and going wild on the decorative front, it is important to have a plan. To help, we’ve come up with three things to consider to determine your needs and decorate accordingly.


A great tip:


Add visual interest by layering your decorative pieces and choosing ornaments of different heights.


If you want to be more organised:

Consoles are an easy way to declutter while keeping your most essential items close at hand. We suggest opting for a console with drawers and even cabinets, depending on the scale of chaos. Decorative glass or ceramic bowls are also a great option, acting as a stylish catch-all for smaller objects such as keys, wallets or sunglasses. Another way to get smart with storage is by placing woven baskets underneath your console; these not only add an interesting textural element but are also convenient for storing blankets, shoes and other miscellaneous items.


If space is a restriction:

Are you afraid that adding a console will make your already small space feel even smaller? We recommend choosing a glass console or even a wall-mounted option to really give the room an airy feel. Alternatively, you can create the illusion of space with the aid of some savvy decorative hacks. A great trick is to add a mirror above your console. Not only does it open up the room, but it is also functional, allowing you to do one last look-over before you leave the house. Opting for neutral tones is also a great way to create an open and clean atmosphere. Finally, ensure there is enough light in your space, and if you can’t do natural lighting, you can always opt for artificial.

If you want to make a statement:
As a rule, when trying to make a bold statement, you should either choose a more out-there console and keep the decorative items to a minimum or go wild with the ornaments and choose an understated piece, such as the Goliath. A great tip for adding visual interest is to layer your decorative pieces by choosing ornaments of different heights: low might be a bowl, medium a stack of books, and high could be a vase. And finally, if you really want to make an impact while creating a cohesive look, try styling your console around a theme such as a particular, colour, texture or pattern. An example might be placing a bold work of art above your console and adding smaller decorative items that repeat some of the same colours that appear in the painting.