Get the look: Scandinavian interior design

Get the look: Scandinavian 
interior design

Get that Scandinavian interior design look in five easy steps.




Incorporate multi-functional furniture that doubles as storage.

  If you like the idea of minimalism while also yearning for a cosy place to call home, you will most likely be interested in Scandinavian interior design. 

Scandinavian design is built around modernism and functionality, and combines simplicity, comfort and practicability. With this design movement, the aesthetic essence of a home does not have to be compromised for the practicability of a home.


Even though minimalism forms a significant part of Scandinavian design, the styles should not be viewed as synonymous. Where minimalist design focuses more on the use of industrial materials, geometric forms, and open spaces that are inspired by black and white colour schemes, Scandinavian interior design is achieved through a neutral colour palette with pops of colour, with an emphasis on natural light and carefully selected furniture.


How to achieve Scandinavian minimalism in your home?


1. Clear the clutter


You can start by decluttering. With the Scandinavian design movement, less is more. Do you really need all those vases, pillows or photo frames? If not, there is no better feeling than decluttering your space.


2. Nurture nature


Due to the long and cold winters, Scandinavians have a close relationship with nature, which is evident in the interior design of their homes. You can incorporate natural elements in your home by adding a plant, making use of natural lighting, or moving your furniture to embrace the outside view.


3. A touch of colour


Even though Scandinavian interior design focuses on light hues, you can still incorporate a touch of colour with scattered pillows, bed throws or plants.


4. Form follows function


Due to function forming an essential part of Scandinavian interior design, you can rethink how you use your furniture. You can incorporate multi-functional furniture by adding a bed with storage underneath or adding a basket to a room that can be used as storage for blankets and throws.


5. Classic, quality furniture


Start with a great base and invest in quality pieces that will enhance the clean, minimalist look. The latest range from Studio Delta offers high-end, mid-century modern furniture items to fit into any Scandinavian interior design setting.