• Nested Coffee Tables


    The item showcased is made of a 19mm tubular steel frame, 1.5 mm sheet metal bottom shelf, and a 6mm tempered glass top.

  • Clear Glass Display Cabinet


    This cabinet is perfect for adding a modern and fresh feel to any space in your home while also presenting you with endless styling possibilities for displaying your most beloved items. Tailor your Glass Display Cabinet by choosing its handles, colour or both for a cabinet that suits your unique decorative taste.

  • Retro Display Cabinet


    The product showcased is a mixture of 19mm and 13mm tubular steel frame, 4mm reeded toughened glass doors and sides, all shelves 1.5mm sheet metal sitting flush with the frame.

    Inspired by 1960s décor, our Retro Display Cabinet is perfect for adding additional storage anywhere in your home. A seamless combination of old and new design styles, reed glass doors lend an old-school feel, while raised steel supports create interesting modern dimensions. Taylor your cabinet exactly to your taste by choosing its colour and handles.

  • Reading Chair


    The product showcased consists of a black powder coated 19mm tubular steel frame, 20mm saligna wood bottom and back support with yellow gold high density foam cushions on top.

    Comfort no longer needs to be sacrificed in the name of style: the tall back, deep seat and snug arms of our Reading Chair offer the perfect respite after a long workday while the contrast between hard steel and plush cushioning makes it a striking addition to any room. Opt for a bold colour to add some dramatic visual interest to your space. Our fabrics have a rub count between 25,000 and 30,000, meaning the material can be rubbed over 25,000 times before it will start to show wear and tear. This being an industry standard for restaurant and hotels, you can be assured of a long-lasting material for your reading chair.

    You can customise your chair cushions with a unique colour based on your personal style. Get in touch with our team at sales@studiodelta.co.za to find out about our other wide variety of unique colours to choose from.

  • Classic Open Shelf


    Our Open Shelf Unit comprises a steel frame with a combination of glass, steel and wood shelves, achieving a modern minimalist look that you can style to reflect your unique taste. The classic design of this piece makes it the cornerstone of any avant-garde interior as it can be used to display your extensive library or selected ornaments and memorabilia.

  • Asymmetric Coffee table


    Multifunctional, modern and easy to clean. This piece is ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces, and boasts a unique terrazzo top that is not only eye-catching but also water and stain resistant. A with all our other furniture you customise the colour of the steel coating to complement the look and feel of any additional furniture in your space.

  • The Goliath


    The product showcased consists of a black powder coated 19mm tubular steel frame and two 1,5mm steel shelves sitting flush with frame.

    Not just piece of furniture, but also a platform to customise any room and to show off your own unique style. Use in your foyer as a stylish surface for keys and sunglasses or add candles, photo frames and vases to elevate your dining area. Comprising a steel frame combined with wood or glass, our consoles are available in two sizes, Goliath and Colossus, to compliment the size of your space.

    NB: All steel, glass, pine, saligna and rubber wood shelf are sitting flush with frame

  • Maverick


    The product showcased consists of a black powder coated 19mm tubular steel frame, top and middle shelves 20mm saligna wood sitting flush with the frame and lower shelf 1.5mm steel.

    The essence of multifunctional furniture, the Maverick’s name refers to its endless uses and styling options. This console can be used as a TV stand, dining room server and an office bookshelf to name but a few of its applications. It comprises a steel frame accompanied by any combination of steel, wood and tile shelves.

  • Forest Coffee Table


    The solid wooden top of our Forest Coffee Table will add an organic focal point to any room while steel beams give it a modern air. Ample open space at the bottom adds a light and airy feel to this living room staple that offers a variety of styling possibilities.

  • Industrial Bed Double Size


    The product showcased consists of a black powder coated 19mm tubular and 40mm equal angular steel frame and 20mm thick saligna headboard.

    Achieve a turn-of-the-century Industrial chic look with our Industrial Bed. Its contrast between rustic and modern and rough and cosy make for a bold statement. This bed blends a steel frame with your choice of Pine or Saligna wood. Available in three sizes: queen, double and a three-quarter, we’ve ensured that any space, regardless of its size, can boast a stylish interior.

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